alt-trans without "ocelot" not read


There seems to be an issue with alt-trans that do not have the Ocelot tag on them. For example, if the file attached is loaded into ocelot, the target alt trans does not move to the original target text. This file comes from LingoTek after the review has been performed in LingoTek. We do not plan to have the file loaded at that time, as we plan to load it as soon as the translation is finished, but it seems a bug that Ocelot does not recognise Atl-trans targets if it is not their own.




Chase Tingley
January 26, 2017, 7:31 PM

This was originally done on purpose, but I think the behavior has outlived its usefulness. The idea was that because alt-trans is used for different purposes by different tools, we couldn't be sure which ones if a given alt-trans included a previous target version or a TM proposal (the latter not being something we might want to display). So to be defensive Ocelot tags the alt-trans it creates with the "Ocelot" tool and then only displays data that it thinks it can trust.

The easy fix is to remove this restriction entirely. This runs the risk of displaying things like TM proposals as "Original Target" data. Compromise fixes might allow for configurable tool patterns, or trying to screen the data some other way....


Marta Borriello


Phil Ritchie