Cell editor loses focus sometimes when editing an XLIFF 2.0 file with locked TUs


Another attempt at describing the thing I first reported in OC-70. It is possible this is platform-specific: I can reproduce it on the Mac in both Java 1.7 and 1.8. It doesn't have anything to do with empty targets (as I thought) or XLIFF 2.0, but it may be related to non-translatable segments.

I have attached two test files:

  • targets20.xlf - contains a mix of translatable and translate="no" segments.

  • working20.xlf - contains only translatable segments.

For each file, I do the following test:

  • Open Ocelot. (Do not resize the window, this is important.)

  • Open the file

  • Select the first row in the table

  • Hit Enter

For the working20.xlf file, this opens the cell editor as expected. For the targets20.xlf file, the column margin jumps slightly and the cell editor immediately closes.

If I then resize the window so that the cell text fits entirely on one line, the targets20.xlf TUs become editable as expected.

I did some debugging, and found that the cell does become editable, but the SegmentView table immediately receives a PropertyChangeEvent for the "width" property of one of the columns, and stops editing in order to handle this event.

I'm not sure why this property event is sent only in this one case.




Chase Tingley


Chase Tingley